Public Art Wraps are proven to mitigate graffiti and significantly reduce the costs associated with graffiti removal programs. The City of Fort Collins estimates 30 cabinet murals save $22,895 per year in graffiti removal expense. (Source: Fort Collins Art in Public Places)

Public Art Wraps pay for themselves, many times over!

Here’s how it works:

Public Art Wraps abate graffiti by covering your prime targets for vandalism—blank spaces on transformer and traffic-control cabinets. The artwork is “busy”, interrupting the blank spaces that taggers find irresistible. It’s widely accepted that taggers have tacit respect for works of art. Vandals are compelled by “street code” and peer ridicule to sidestep murals and avoid the embarrassment associated with defacing street art.

Vandals without self-respect? Public Art Wraps have anti-graffiti laminates that are tough and designed to protect cabinets from spray paint, sharpies and stickers. Graffiti is wiped away easily with non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth.

By using innovative materials that were previously unknown to many city agencies, Public Art Collective will work with your community to provide effective solutions to the social and financial losses associated with graffiti—as we simultaneously support artists and beautify your city spaces!

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