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Compared to traditional public art, Public Art Wraps are incredibly inexpensive.

Public Art Wraps are sold by the square foot, which means the overall size of your cabinet(s) will determine your project cost. Square foot pricing includes everything—from artist’s royalties to installation charges. The price that you are quoted is the price that you can expect.

Square foot pricing includes light cleaning and wiping cabinets down prior to installation; however, if your cabinet has excessive filth, tree sap or bird droppings when we arrive, you will incur a cleaning charge.

We gladly render customs designs and accept artwork that you wish to submit; however, these activities may incur formatting fees. If you’re a non-governmental organization, taxes may apply.

Great question!

Public Art Wraps abate graffiti by covering your prime targets for vandalism—blank spaces on transformer and traffic-control cabinets. The artwork is “busy”, interrupting blank spaces that vandals find irresistible. It’s widely accepted that taggers have tacit respect for works of art. Vandals are compelled by “street code” and peer ridicule to sidestep murals and avoid the embarrassment associated with defacing street art. The City of Fort Collins estimates 30 cabinet murals save $22,895 per year in graffiti removal expense!

Vandals without self-respect? Public Art Wraps have polyester anti-graffiti laminates that are tough and designed to protect cabinets from spray paint, sharpies and stickers. Graffiti is wiped away easily with non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth.

By using innovative materials previously unknown to many city agencies, Public Art Collective will work with your community to provide effective solutions to social and financial losses associated with graffiti—as we simultaneously support artists and beautify your city spaces!

Public Art Wraps™ avoid dark colors that may cause solar heating of cabinets.  Artwork is selected for images that are brightly colored, and darker colors are merely incidental to the image (thinner outlines). The use of colorful artwork helps avoid unnecessary solar stress to the expensive components inside.


We understand the importance of locking hardware, hinges, handles and cooling vents. Public Art Wraps are carefully installed to allow access to cabinet components, while ventilation is left clear and unobstructed.

Vinyl graphics do not require maintenance or upkeep expense. In the unlikely event Public Art Wraps™ are tagged, graffiti is wiped away easily with soft cloths and inexpensive non-abrasive cleaners (such as paint thinner). DO NOT USE abrasive “scrubber” brushes or caustic, heavy-duty removal products or risk permanent damage to your wrap.  

We love working with art directors, art councils and art commissions. If your organization’s name includes “art”we’re your biggest fan!

Some of the world’s finest artists work with Public Art Collective to provide original works that beautify city spaces and delight your community; however, if your city ordinances require local artists, we’re happy to discuss local artists to meet the requirements of your charter.

Public Art Collective and Public Art Wraps have established an entirely new model for art in public places—a model that is inherently fast, easy and inexpensive. Low cost of ownership spares your budgets by eliminating the logistical and time-consuming burden of publishing calls for entry, assembling committees, processing submissions, or issuing bids and RFP’s.

Public Art Wraps are a fundamental shift in the traditional paradigm of public art programs. Consider reserving local artists for sculptures, large murals and high-end installations, because you now have an option to rapidly protect city property from graffiti—while simultaneously supporting artists and beautifying city spaces!

Please contact us to discuss your needs. We would love to hear from you!