Our Story

Public Art Collective is a social impact organization that supports artists, simplifies the process of purchasing art for public places, and works to provide meaningful solutions for the social and financial losses associated with vandalism.

Public art does something that dusty museums with vast collections of art cannot do: it captures the eye and mind of someone passing through your public spaces. Art provides daily encounters with visual experiences by transforming parks, playgrounds, and main streets into vibrant expressions of human imagination. And best of all? Public art is freely accessible to everyone. 

Whether you have a sophisticated arts program, or you simply understand the benefits that art can create within your community, Public Art Wraps will make your next installation fast, easy and inexpensive!

Mission Statement

Public Art Collective’s mission is to provide uncomplicated access to artwork that beautifies communities and adds to the overall enjoyment of public spaces.

Please see our FAQ’s page for further information, or you can contact us. We would love to hear from you!