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A Valuable Resource

An inventory of original artwork, distinctive styles and nationally-recognized artists is a rare and valuable resource—especially when made available to your mix of city managers, engineers and community stakeholders involved in the design and planning of public spaces and amenities. World-class artists have partnered with  Public Art Collective to create Public Art Wraps with stunning original artwork that will beautify city spaces and delight your community.

Artists are the “Collective” in Public Art Collective and receive generous payments whenever Public Art Wraps™ are installed. Your new Public Art Wraps lend support to artists and the creative industry!

Graffiti Mitigation

Public Art Wraps prevent graffiti by covering prime targets for vandalism—blank spaces inherent to traffic, transformer, and outdoor enclosures. Public Art Wraps are manufactured with anti-graffiti laminates that are tough and designed to protect cabinets from spray paint, sharpies and stickers. The City of Fort Collins analyzed their mural program and determined that 30 transformer murals save $22,895 per year in graffiti removal expense!

City officials and neighborhood organizations will be interested to learn about the low cost of ownership and substantial savings to graffiti abatement budgets.

Simply Beautiful

Public Art Wraps simplify the process of beautifying city spaces by eliminating the time-consuming activities like publishing calls for entry, forming committees, and processing submissions. However, if your charter or local ordinances require your organization to follow these steps, we do that too!

Whether you have sophisticated arts programs, or you simply understand the benefits that art creates within your community, Public Art Wraps make your next installations fast, easy and inexpensive!

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